Retail M&A

Often, M&A transactions need a final push to get them over the edge. Maybe the buyer only wants certain segments of the business or certain locations.  Maybe the seller wants to maximize the selling price by addressing underperforming aspects of the business – such as closing stores that don’t contribute on a four-wall basis – before marketing the business for sale.  Hilco can solve these and other concerns by partnering with the buyer or seller to facilitate retail M&A transactions.


We understand asset values and have been involved in hundreds of M&A transactions throughout the years. From valuations and appraisals covering all tangible and intangible asset classes to store and DC-level due diligence, our team develops, recommends, and implements strategies designed to maximize value.

Monetization & Capital Distribution

With our capital, Hilco can often facilitate transactions that would otherwise be very difficult, if not impossible, for traditional private equity firms, hedge funds, or strategic buyers to execute. We have the ability to acquire any unwanted or redundant assets and implement liability mitigation programs.


We are regularly called upon to recommend and implement strategic initiatives that optimize asset portfolios while eliminating waste. Our partners find that our ability to reposition inventory, work with internal HR teams to rationalize unnecessary corporate overhead, relieve the company of underperforming stores, and purchase redundant or unwanted assets makes for a substantially better M&A outcome.