Retail Inventory Monetization Services

Inventory Solutions 

Converting unwanted and excess inventory to cash is our core competency, and we’ve done it for some of the preeminent private equity firms and largest national (and multinational) retailers around the globe. We’ve served healthy, stressed, and deeply distressed clients on five continents and have executed transactions valued in excess of $150 billion throughout our 18 year history.

Clients will engage us at various stages, ranging from healthy businesses looking to execute strategic change or rationalize their store base to stressed or distressed businesses in need of capital. Regardless of circumstance, Hilco can act as principal in any of its engagements, offering immediate cash payments backed by our balance sheet for unwanted inventory.  And, transparency is paramount.  That’s why we openly share our financial modeling with our clients free of charge and structure transactions with shared upside if we exceed our models.

Retail Store Events

Store sale events are the most effective way to monetize excess and unwanted inventory. Whether executing a divisional winddown, market exit, an in-store clearance event, or closing select stores, Hilco takes full operational responsibility, allowing your team to focus on the core go-forward business. 

Our team of 200+ field professionals is the most experienced in the industry and consists of former retail specialists and executives. Akin to retail district or regional managers, these individuals manage all functions of the sale event in-store to ensure flawless execution. Working in concert with our field professionals, our corporate team handles all aspects of financial modeling, marketing, merchandising, interim management, discounting, customer transition, and overall sale strategy. 

Wholesale Solutions

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to sell inventory through stores.  Maybe no store closings are scheduled, or store capacity is full. Nonetheless, excess inventory exists, and this inventory has value that is depreciating over time.  For this type of inventory, we have the ability to purchase it on a wholesale basis or sell it on our client’s behalf, immediately relieving you of the unwanted assets and leaving you with new capital for other business needs. 

Given our worldwide reach, we have access to a variety of channels to re-market and re-sell goods in non-conflicting channels. Operating within your restrictions and de-branding the merchandise as necessary is part of what makes our solution so attractive. 

If you are a company looking to find a solution for excess or unwanted inventory, give us a call. We’ll find the best solution for your business.