Hilco Merchant Australia Capabilities 

Hilco Merchant Australia is the Australia-based unit of Hilco Merchant Resources, LLC, an international leader in financial repositioning and restructuring solutions for retail companies, both healthy and stressed.

We combine our unique understanding of asset values along with our unsurpassed financial modeling and operational expertise and experience to achieve the highest recoveries reasonably obtainable. Optimum monetisation of assets is the foundation of the solutions we offer to our clients.

Solutions include:

  • Valuation of assets, including stock, fittings, fixtures, and equipment, and IP
  • Store closing event sales and the associated liquidation of stock, fixtures and fittings
  • Working capital funding and/or investment and acquisition finance to stressed retail businesses where our approach and restructuring expertise can add value
  • Non-store closing event sales of stock
  • Liquidation of consumer products inventories without a retail outlet


The preferred choice for the following reasons:

  • Unmatched experience in Australia.
  • Proven track record of exceeding expectations by realising the maximum value for retail stock, fittings, fixtures and equipment well in excess of historical results.
  • Unparalleled operational knowledge and resources to ensure seamless integration, minimal disruption, and maximum results.
  • We have a vast pool of resources available with unique expertise. Our specialised operations team has developed specific knowledge of the Australian and New Zealand retail markets, including with respect to consumer behavior, landlord interactions, sale messaging, competition, local nuances, and most importantly, recoveries.


Hilco Merchant Australia Transactions

In 2011, Hilco Merchant Australia entered the Australian and New Zealand markets in connection with the Borders transaction.  Beginning with Borders, HMA introduced healthy and stressed retailers to new ideas and techniques for realising the maximum value of retail assets.  Since then, HMA has provided similar solutions to numerous Australian and New Zealand retailers, their affiliates, or their professionals.  Below is a partial list of these clients:

For more information on the recent growth of Hilco Merchant Australia, view this press release:

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Hilco Merchant Australia’s Locations

Hilco Merchant Australia is headquartered in Melbourne and has a second office in Sydney. Hilco Merchant Australia specialises in analytical, advisory, operational, asset monetisation, and capital investment activities to help retailers define and execute their strategic initiatives.

Hilco Merchant Australia Headquarters (Melbourne)
Level 5
111 Cecil Street
Melbourne, VIC 3205

Contact Ben Chamberlain at bchamberlain@hilcoglobal.com
Managing Director