Hilco Fixture Finders Service

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In 2015, Hilco purchased Fixture Finders to form Hilco Fixture Finders -- the largest and most sophisticated fixed asset recovery, valuation, and monetization platform in the world. In addition to purchasing unwanted fixed assets, our group also refurbishes it and is the premier supplier of quality used retail Lozier gondola shelving. 

Retail Stores

During any kind of store closing, relocating, renovating, or going out of business sale, we will leverage the opportunity to sell through fixed assets.  Indeed, to maximize the results of store fixed assets, there is no dispute that selling them alongside the inventory yields far greater results than selling fixed assets after everything shuts down.  


Do you have sensitive intellectual property you want to protect from misuse?  No problem.  Our team provides expert de-branding solutions and physical IP destruction to ensure your intellectual property is not misused after your exit.

Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Offices & Other Facilities

As with brick and mortar retail, companies often call on our team to help monetize fixed assets in warehouses, distribution centers, corporate offices, or other facilities. Our teams will conduct due diligence and provide value estimates free of charge, allowing you to make informed decisions and structure transactions with shared upside if we exceed our estimates.

Whether you are looking to remodel, relocate, renovate, or close any type of store or facility, our team can offer you cash for your fixed assets.