Customizable Global Solutions for Outsourced Retail Loss Prevention Services

Retail Loss Prevention

As a global leader in protecting inventories during retail store closings and inventory dispositions, Hilco Asset Protection provides high-level loss prevention services in a wide range of retail environments.

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Our professionals have worked in every retail sector, in every type of store and in every store environment, including malls, strip centers, and stand-alone facilities. We have provided effective loss prevention services to big box retailers as well as small, specialty store operators.

Our loss prevention expertise, vision and programs are available to any retailer whose strategic objective is to reduce criminality, curtail profit erosion and create a better environment for employees and customers, alike.

Our mission is to help you maximize profitability by protecting the assets of your organization. Our people and programs will protect your assets; create a safer, more productive, pleasant workplace for associates, and a pleasurable shopping experience for your customers.

Hilco Asset Protection has developed programs that provide recognition for honest associates and eliminate dishonest associates. Clients have called upon us to design programs that quickly mitigate losses in the top 20 percent of their facilities, where 80 percent of their losses occur.

Hilco Asset Protection provides a comprehensive array of professional services, delivered locally, regionally, and internationally.

Depending upon your requirements, we can provide one or more of the following services at a fraction of the cost of an in-house equivalent:

Audits and Assessments

  • Shortage risk assessments
  • Internal audits
  • Loss prevention - merchandise transfer audits
  • Loss prevention - operational compliance audits
  • Distribution center audits

Investigation and Monitoring

  • Dishonest associate interviewing
  • POS exception reports
  • Bank deposit and register cash variance
  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace violence

Pre-Employment Screening

  • Criminal background
  • Credit history
  • Drug testing
  • Employment verification

Brand and Product Counterfeit Detection and Investigation

Shopping Service

  • Focus on operations
  • Focus on compliance
  • Focus on customer service
  • Focus on integrity

Security and Loss Prevention Control

  • Targeted control - high shortage locations
  • 24-hour monitored business abuse hotline
  • 24-hour monitored digital CCTV systems

Education and Training

  • Executive loss prevention seminars
  • New hire loss prevention seminars
  • Daily/weekly loss prevention bulletins
  • Shortage impact awareness campaign

Hilco Asset Protection Retail Loss Prevention Success Stories

Hilco Asset Protection provides retailers with a full menu of services that are managed with your corporate culture in mind. HAP loss prevention services will seamlessly fit your needs.

Whether it’s conducting compliance audits, integrity shop, installing a covert camera or conducting a non-accusatory interview Hilco Asset Protection has the professional personnel to get it done from Coast to Coast. Below are just a few of the clients HAP has served:


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