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Hilco Asset Protection 

Hilco Asset Protection is the most effective cost-efficient provider of on-site physical security, no matter the requirement. With over 25 years of experience, we have protected assets valued in excess of $100 billion. We have the ability to assess your needs and implement programs quickly. Our professionals have worked in every business sector -- retail, manufacturing, energy, transportation -- and in every type of facility.

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Effective physical security often requires detailed planning and scheduling, and specially-trained personnel who are not always available through ordinary contract guard services, large or small. We offer a suite of customizable protective services, including our latest addition – Remote Video Monitoring via Internet. Have peace of mind at a fraction of the cost of a uniformed guard. We can quickly install cameras and signs at your facilities and our operators monitor your assets remotely 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Depending upon your requirements, we will develop a comprehensive security plan and schedule with these deliverables available:

  • Stationary and Mobile Patrols at Compound
  • Site Access and Traffic Control Services
  • Security Tip Hotline
  • Signage At Locations
  • Transportation and or Assistance During Money Transfers
  • Securing of All Critical Infrastructure and Equipment
  • Inventory Services
  • Visible Presence During Special Events, Rallies, Protests
  • Sensitive Data/Document Control, Storage and Destruction
  • Complete Confidentiality and Full Reporting Assured

Read some of our recent case studies to learn more about our capabilities:

Hilco Asset Protection provides retailers with a full menu of services that are managed with your corporate culture in mind. HAP loss prevention services will seamlessly fit your needs.

Whether it’s conducting compliance audits, integrity shop, installing a covert camera or conducting a non-accusatory interview Hilco Asset Protection has the professional personnel to get it done from Coast to Coast. Below are just a few of the clients HAP has served:


Interstate Bakeries hired Hilco Asset Protection Services to provide security services at dozens of their Bakeries across the US, ensuring that non-striking employees and vendors had safe and secure access to Hostess facilities. Following the recent bankruptcy filing, the assignment shifted focus to site protection and loss prevention services. Hilco expanded its extensive asset protection and security operation during the wind down and sale of assets to protect all the company’s assets including 650 locations and over 8000 vehicles.


Hilco Asset Protection was engaged by Highway Technologies in anticipation of its upcoming bankruptcy filing. Management was concerned that when the announcement was made, certain disgruntled employees would vandalize and remove equipment from the more than 50 sites across the U.S. Hilco Asset Protection deployed uniformed guards in marked vehicles within 24 hours to diffuse a tense situation and ensure the estate’s assets were protected.


The bank holding a large note for Liborio Markets engaged Hilco Asset Protection to act as a visible deterrent, ensure collateral was protected and to document the removal of any property at several sites in California and Nevada. Hilco Asset Protection successfully accomplished this objective. However, during the wind down of operations the situation became somewhat more complicated when a community organizer utilizing social media generated a flash mob that rallied at the home office. Hilco Asset Protection immediately replaced uniformed guards with plainclothes security officers to monitor and report the status of the demonstration while maintaining contact with the local police department. The protest was uneventful and ended peacefully.

We have protected the assets of these and other companies:

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