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Asset Protection

Hilco Asset Protection has a wide array of services ranging from developing comprehensive loss prevention programs for retailers to protecting or monitoring standalone sites.

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Retailers are at the greatest risk of shrink, shortage, and loss when they are in transition and front-line employees are the critical component to managing loss prevention and cash shortage programs. Hilco has the ability to design and implement a LP program that aligns employee expectations and attitudes, while continually auditing compliance to minimize loss.  Services can be offered on a piecemeal basis or taken as a whole to begin constructing an LP program from the ground up. 

Our comprehensive array of professional services can be delivered locally, regionally, and internationally depending upon your requirements, at a fraction of the cost of in-house equivalents. Our mission is to help you maximize profitability by protecting your assets.

On-Site Security

Our professionals have worked in every type of facility – retail, manufacturing, energy, distribution, and more – to provide on-site physical security. Our services help those looking to limit liability on vacant buildings, or who are concerned with employee safety during strikes, and anything in between. And if you only need to monitor a facility, our 24/7 remote monitoring services are for you and available at a fraction of the cost of other security services.

For the best in asset protection arrangements, including site protection, loss prevention, visible deterrent, and security operations, contact Mike Gilligan, Managing Director, at