Retail Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Valuation, Advisory & Analytical Services

Hilco provides valuations & appraisals covering all tangible and intangible asset classes, including inventory, equipment, IP, owned real estate and leaseholds. Hilco helps acquirors understand the value of all tangible and intangible assets classes, including inventory, equipment, IP, owned real estate, and leaseholds.  Using this knowledge, we can then develop strategies to be incorporated into the overall process.  By way of example, we can help a buyer determine which stores are, or are likely to become, underperformers based on changes in consumer market conditions and real estate costs – and where you might expand to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Monetization and Capital Investment Solutions to Maximize the Value of Unwanted Assets (and Liabilities)

Our Asset Disaggregation strategy is designed to reduce equity and leverage requirements for the buyer, short-cut the disposition process and take it off management’s hands, and help realize acceptable values for the seller. By way of example, if a buyer is not interested in a number of stores, or if they only want empty boxes, Hilco can partner with a buyer to monetize the unwanted assets and mitigate liabilities (e.g. leases)., Hilco has the ability to guarantee results and invest our own capital alongside a buyer.

Hilco has also served as the principal / “lead” investor in certain transactions, and spun off select assets to buyers.