Retail M&ACarts

Hilco facilitates retail mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures by taking on (acquiring as principal or disposing of as agent) unwanted assets and/or liabilities in connection with transactions. Hilco has the ability to partner on the buy side or sell side. On the sell side, we can help “clean up” a business prior to sale. We also help buyers (or sellers) understand the value of all asset classes and develop strategies to help maximize value.


Help companies or financial buyers define strategic initiatives by identifying opportunities and developing strategies to maximize value and savings incident to retail inventory, real estate (owned or leased), or any other asset class in connection with mergers and acquisitions.


Value & savings maximization through the execution of asset acquisition, disposition and strategic liability mitigation programs. In many instances, a combination of Hilco Merchant Resources' capital and expertise can facilitate a transaction that might otherwise be difficult if not impossible for a private equity firm, hedge fund, or strategic buyer. Hilco has the ability to guarantee results and invest our own capital in transactions.


Valuations & appraisals covering all tangible and intangible asset classes.



Buy Side

Sell Side