Delia'sTotal Store Liquidation of Delia's

Store closing sales began Dec 11 at all 92 Delia’s retail locations across the country. Just in time for the holidays, consumers will enjoy massive discounts of 40% to 60% off the lowest ticketed price on the stores’ entire stock of the latest styles for teenaged girls and young women.

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Hilco Fixed Asset Recovery - FF&E Sale

Former national pet supply location fixtures being liquidated.

Lozier Gondola, Fish Aquarium System, Small Animal Habitats, Aviary, Pallet Racking, Forklift, and many more items

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Hilco Merchant Resources

Hilco Merchant Resources (“HMR”) is the world’s largest, most respected, and accomplished provider of inventory disposition solutions for retailers. We provide strategic advisory and consumer inventory monetization services at both the retail and wholesale levels in the distribution chain. Members of the Hilco team each possess more than 30 years of retail and / or retail inventory disposition expertise. Over the years, HMR has monetized more than $150 billion of retail inventory. This is exactly the kind of work we have performed for JCPenney, TJX, Foot Locker, Talbots, Saks Fifth Avenue, RadioShack, Toys R Us, Walt Disney Company, Barneys, Work ‘N Gear, Wet Seal, The Hudson’s Bay Company, Walgreens, Pac Sun, and hundreds of other retailers globally.

Inventory Disposition

Strategic Consulting

Lease Repositioning
& Advisory

  • Retailers
  • Private Equity
  • Lenders
  • Investment Banks
  • Law Firms
  • Retail Consultants
  • Accounting Firms
  • Wholesalers
  • Consumer Products Manufacturers


Why Partner with Hilco Merchant Resources?

  • Global Experience.  With offices all around the world, Hilco has monetized more than $150 billion of retail inventory in every retail category, appraised more than $200 billion of retail & consumer products inventory, and disposed of more than $500 million of FF&E.  Clients include Foot Locker, Work ‘N Gear, Wet Seal, Fred’s, JCPenney, Stage Stores,  Bon-Ton, Toys R Us, RadioShack, TJX, and hundreds of other retailers globally.
  • Value Maximization.  In repeated engagements over the years, it has been proven that a retailer simply cannot match the capabilities of – or the results achieved – by the world-class store closing and inventory disposition specialists you will find within Hilco. In addition, we guarantee 100% inventory and FF&E sell-through.
  • Minimize Distraction. Perhaps most significant, partnering with Hilco will free management to focus on the go-forward business.  Store closings are, after all, “rear-view mirror” events.
  • Expense Savings.  Hilco’s expertise, proprietary algorithms, discount and transaction micromanagement yields incremental expense savings associated with retail store closing and asset disposition initiatives. 
  • Operational Benefits.  Store closings are our business.  As such, we understand every minute detail of the store closing process from both planning and execution standpoints, including compliance (municipal & state laws, lease provisions, etc.), loss prevention, logistics, human resources, customer transitioning, merchandising, and advertising & marketing.
  • Flexibility.  Over the years, Hilco has applied its value maximizing expertise for a wide range of retailers (healthy or distressed) in order to execute upon a broad spectrum of strategic initiatives, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or ordinary course store closings. Regardless of the circumstance, Hilco will always execute based on your Company’s specific objectives and needs.
  • Transparency.  Hilco performs all of its financial modeling and due diligence at no cost to its clients and shares its models and assumptions openly.  Throughout the sale process, we provide real time reporting and interactive status updates to ensure transparency and identify additional opportunities to maximize value and savings.
  • Supply Chain Solutions.   In connection with strategic store closings, if there is excess capacity in the stores to be closed, the Company may be able to maximize the store closing opportunity by transferring any excess, slow moving, discontinued or obsolete inventory within its distribution channels into the stores to be closed.  You will recover more for this type of inventory in a store closing sale than disposing of it in any other manner.
  • Brand Sensitivity. Throughout the sale process Hilco is a dedicated steward of your brand and brand assets.  Hilco counts as clients many of the world’s leading companies and recognized brands.
  • Guaranteed Results.  Hilco has the capital to provide our retail clients guaranteed results backed by cash.

The Hilco Merchant Resources team is agile and collaborative, viewing every transaction as unique. To put our team to work for you, contact Jim Rategan at