Hilco Global Retail Companies at a Glance

Inventory Disposition Solutions > Hilco Merchant Resources

Hilco Merchant Resources (“HMR”) is the world’s largest, most respected, and accomplished provider of inventory disposition solutions for retailers. HMR provides strategic advisory and consumer inventory monetization services at both the retail and wholesale levels in the distribution chain. Hilco provides expertise and guidance in order to maximize asset value, minimize expenses and risk, and mitigate distraction in connection with store closings, relocations, supply chain optimization, or other inventory related monetization initiatives. Finally, Hilco has the capital to invest in transactions and guarantee results, which demonstrates our belief in establishing long-term partnerships and a willingness to share risk and reward.

Real Estate Solutions > Hilco Real Estate

(“HRE”) develops and executes strategies to help retailers generate maximum value and/or savings from their real estate commitments.   The Hilco team specializes particularly in the renegotiation and disposition of leases through restructuring, rent reduction, renewal, sublease/assignment, and termination.   Hilco also provides disposition solutions, including fee and leasehold property brokerage and principal acquisitions. To date, HRE has repositioned / mitigated financial obligations on more than 35,000 leases and has generated over $1 billion in proceeds from the sale of properties through our brokerage and auction services. 

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Dispositions > Hilco Fixed Asset Recovery

Hilco's Fixed Asset Recovery Team helps companies realize the full value of surplus furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Whether closing a facility, relocating, or remodeling, a customized FF&E disposition program from Hilco will help convert excess and unproductive fixed assets into cash. Our quarter century of experience, proven marketing systems, and the latest technology enable us to provide clients with unparalleled results in a timely fashion. Hilco Fixed Asset Recovery strategically analyzes assets to determine the optimal exit strategies for each asset category, including furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, and rolling stock. We can provide a reliable appraisal of all assets under various disposition scenarios to help our understand recovery potential. Hilco is experienced in planning and managing every aspect of on-site, orderly FF&E disposition assignments.

Retail Strategy & Operations > HRC Advisory

HRC Advisory (“HRC”) possesses a 40 year heritage of providing strategic retail consulting services, with a focus on strategic planning, merchandising and inventory management, store and multi-channel operations, supply chain and fulfillment, and more cost-effective support operations including SG&A cost reductions, process enhancement, customer experience, e-commerce, concept repositioning, new concept development, and pre or post - transaction (M&A) integration and support. HRC’s experience originates from its legacy of two premier boutique firms - Senn-Delaney Retail Consultants and Karabus Management.

Valuations & Appraisals > Hilco Valuation Services

Hilco Valuation Services (“HVS”) is one of the world’s largest and most diversified business asset appraisers and valuation advisors.  A trusted resource to companies, their lenders and professional advisors, Hilco Valuation Services provides value opinions across virtually every business asset category. Unique to Hilco Valuation Services is the ability to affirm asset values through proprietary market data obtained from the worldwide asset disposition and acquisition experiences of Hilco Global.  Access to this real-time information, in contrast with the aged data relied upon by others, ensures clients of more reliable valuations, which is crucial when financial decisions and fortunes are at stake.

Intellectual Property Valuation & Monetization > Hilco Streambank

Hilco Streambank (“HS”) is one of the foremost authorities on intellectual property asset valuation and monetization. HS understands the market better than anyone because it makes the market. Acting as an agent or principal, Hilco Streambank leverages its experienced team to advise and execute strategies for both healthy and distressed clients seeking to maximize the value of their IP assets including brands, trademarks, licensing agreements, royalty streams, domain names, patents, copyrights, and customer lists.