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Case Study: Apparel & Textile

Hilco Designs Comprehensive Loss Prevention Program for Forever 21 to Support National Growth


Retail Loss Prevention Programs


In its plans to grow from a regional to a national retailer, Forever 21 identified a need to better address its loss prevention policies and procedures, but was unsure where to start. Hilco offered its deep retail and asset protection experience to partner with Forever 21 to develop a soup to nuts program, including methods to designate high risk stores and individuals, audit and integrity shops, training, awareness, and more. The structure of our program supports Forever 21’s LP practices to this day. 

Problem to Solve

  • A fast-growing regional retailer, Forever 21 began a growth initiative that saw it reach its current size and scale.
  • As part of the expansion plan, Forever 21 required a robust loss prevention program be put into place to help manage inventory across its larger footprint.

Solutions Provided

  • Designed and implemented a robust Loss Prevention program that identified risk, audited, trained, and provided recourse when fault was found.