Our Approach

Having served clients on five continents and monetized more than $150 billion of inventory from every retail and consumer products category and more than $1 billion of FF&E, Hilco Merchant Resources is one of the most sophisticated and experienced companies in the world when it comes to understanding and monetizing retail assets.

With every client for every transaction, we conduct business based on the highest ethical standards with an emphasis on transparency and accessibility. These principles represent our core ethos. Indeed, we conduct our due diligence and present our financial modeling free of charge. Once we are engaged, we provide real time reporting and interactive status updates to ensure transparency and identify additional opportunities to maximize value and savings.

Advanced Analytics

Our financial modeling is supported by data generated from over 500+ unique transactions and peer reviewing thousands of retail appraisals, giving us unparalleled access to data, trends, and dos and don’ts when operating any kind of retail project. Consequently, no one understands retail assets or how to maximize their value better than we do.

Customized Marketing

Brands are important and none more important to us than our clients’. In today’s social media driven world, this has never been truer. Shoppers now identify with brands across all aspects of their life, from the lifestyle they portray, to their fashion statements, to their political leanings. Whatever it may be, protecting the value of your brand is paramount and we are uniquely positioned to understand this having owned (and continuing to own) many consumer products and retail brands.

For our projects, our marketing department is there to assist and protect our clients’ brands. We craft unique marketing and advertising campaigns – with our client’s signoff of course -- that cater to your brand, goals, and sensitivities. In fact, many retailers find that our proposals expand their customer base during our projects.

Superior Operations

When you work with us, we provide white glove service to ensure that we are taking full operational responsibility, enabling you and your teams to focus on core go-forward business objectives. We’re good at it, too. Over half of our executive and leadership team is retail operations focused and our field team consists of former retail executives and professionals. Together, these teams maintain constant coordination between our operations and analytics to ensure peak performance and operational execution. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about things like complying with municipal and state laws or lease provisions because we worry about and handle them for you.

Guaranteed Results. 

Finally, we put our money behind our models. We have the capital to provide our retail clients guaranteed results backed by cash.