Hilco Merchant Resources Divisions

Our team consists of merchants, retailers, analysts, operators, investment and legal professionals who offer a suite of expertise that ensures top tier analytical and operational execution. We craft liquidation and disposition events at the wholesale and retail level to monetize unwanted or underperforming inventory and FF&E. Hilco develops, implements, and manages going out of business sales, store closings and relocations, or clearance event sales, in support of M&A transactions, divestitures, rationalizations, and other contexts.

Further, we provide our partners with certainty by guaranteeing results backed by our own capital when acting as principal or operate on a fee for service basis otherwise. As a Hilco Global company, our solutions can also extend to holistic packages encompassing Real Estate, Intellectual Property, or any other asset class.

Of course, in any engagement, our top priority is optimizing asset value recovery while maintaining brand value and goodwill, an area where we are deeply familiar having owned a number of brands ourselves. That’s why, every year, we are trusted by leading national retailers to help execute their non-core strategic initiatives.

Hilco Merchant Resources delivers unparalleled client experience to our customers. Our team members are seasoned professionals with broad and deep expertise in all retail sectors. We offer a wide range of analytical, advisory, asset monetization, and capital investment services to help you define and execute your strategic initiatives.

Hilco Wholesale Solutions
Disposition services for under-performing and excess consumer products inventory

Hilco Merchant Australia
Asset-related advisory and monetization services to retailers

Hilco Fixed Asset Recovery
Furniture, Fixture & Equipment (FF&E) disposition services

Hilco Asset Protections Services
Physical Onsite physical facility asset security protection and retail loss protection prevention services

The Best Choice: Hilco Merchant Resources

Expense Savings
Hilco’s expertise, proprietary algorithms, and transaction micromanagement yields incremental expense savings associated with retail store closing and asset disposition initiatives.

Hilco performs all of its financial modeling at no cost to its clients, shares its models to surface opportunities and align expectations, and adjusts the models to meet clients’ specific needs. Our proprietary startup agenda ensures that our clients know exactly what to expect. We also provide our clients daily sales reporting and interactive status updates to ensure transparency and identify additional opportunities to maximize value.

Brand Sensitivity
Hilco is extremely careful and protective throughout the sale process and is a dedicated steward of your brand and your brand assets.