Retail Turnaround and Restructuring

Hilco Merchant Resources has the retailing knowledge, capital, and resources to help identify and facilitate cost-cutting, market repositioning, and liquidity-building strategies. We are market leaders in store closings, brand protection and recovery maximization, monetization of obsolete inventory and FF&E, portfolio analysis, and interim store management in order to maximize value to your organization.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and flexibility in delivering leading-edge, innovative store closing and related services to an international community of retailers. We will assume all day-to-day operating responsibilities, treat your customers, employees, and vendors with respect, and let your managers focus on the ongoing operations.

Strategic Store Closings – Retail Restructuring

1. Recovery Value Maximization – We have extensive experience at every managerial position and can plan and execute the industry’s most successful sale events. In repeated comparative engagements over the years, it has been proven that a retailer simply cannot match the capabilities of – or the results achieved – by the world-class store closing and inventory disposition specialists you will find within Hilco.

2. Transitioning Customers – We have tried-and-true methods of transitioning customers to your go-forward stores while achieving the goal of high recovery.

3. Brand Protection – We keep in mind that your company’s most important long-term asset is its brand and the associated goodwill, while trying to maximize recoveries.

4. Making Your Life Easy – We will assume your day-to-day operating responsibilities, ensuring a positive brand experience for your customers, employees, managers, and vendors – while allowing your business to move forward.

Excess Inventory and FF&E Monetization

Hilco Merchant Resources will help you convert overstocks and obsolete inventory into cash. We will establish recovery expectations for the inventory, and then pay for such inventory, up-front.

  • We can establish a sharing arrangement in all recoveries above a target.
  • We can also provide services on a fee basis.

We can help you recover higher value for your obsolete furniture, fixtures and equipment:

  • Cash guarantees, up-front
  • Reconstruction and reconditioning services for turnover
  • Responsiveness to meet your deadlines, whether on large or small projects

Additional Restructuring Services from Hilco Global

Real estate disposition and lease restructuring – Hilco Real Estate can purchase, sell, or sub-lease fee-owned properties, restructure lease portfolios, and mitigate leasehold obligations and provide sale-leasebacks for additional liquidity.

Analytical Services – We can help you determine which stores are, or are likely to become, underperformers based on changes in consumer market conditions and real estate costs – and where you might expand to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Debt and Equity Placement – We can advise retailers on financing options and assist in negotiating the best possible terms. Hilco knows senior lending and mezzanine financing sources and what they are looking for. We can assess your funding needs, analyze current obligations, determine an optimal financing structure, and/or work with lenders, present or new, to manage your cost of debt.