Hilco Merchant Australia

Hilco Merchant Australia –HMA—has recently expanded its executive leadership to include Ben Chamberlain, the new Managing Director. Welcome, Ben! This coincides with HMA’s recent office expansion to Melbourne, Australia, which will be HMA’s new headquarters. Brendan Smyth, recently named as HMA’s Business Development Director, will now manage the Sydney office. To read more about HMA's recent expansions, click on the link below:

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Hilco Fixture Finders - FF&E Sale

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Retail Asset Monetization

Hilco Merchant Resources is the industry’s most respected and accomplished authority on retail asset monetization around the world. We offer analytical, advisory, operational, asset monetization, and capital investment activities to help retailers and their constituencies define and execute their strategic initiatives.

We provide consumer inventory monetization services at both the retail and wholesale levels in the distribution chain. Principal among these services are retail-inventory, fixtures, and equipment-sale events associated with strategic store closings and store re-merchandising initiatives. Our services include:

  • Retail store closings and sale events
  • Retail store openings
  • Inventory clearance Events
  • Ecommerce liquidation
  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment monetization
  • Interim retail store management and outsourced services
  • Wholesale consumer products inventory monetization
  • Physical facility asset security and loss prevention services
  • Shrink reduction programs
  • Retail company merger and acquisition facilitation

Hilco Merchant Resources serves healthy retailers and consumer-products companies, often to help facilitate a merger or acquisition. We also focus on distressed enterprises needing to right-size the organization (as in a restructuring) or close entirely.

Why Partner with Hilco Merchant Resources?

  • Global Experience. With offices all around the world, Hilco has monetized more than $150 billion of inventory in every retail category; disposed of more than $500 million of furniture, fixtures, and equipment; and appraised more than $200 billion of consumer products inventory.
  • Value Maximization. In repeated comparative engagements over the years, it has been proven that a retailer simply cannot match the capabilities of – or the results achieved – by the world-class store-closing and inventory-disposition specialists you will find at Hilco.
  • Distraction Minimization. Partnering with Hilco will free up management to focus on the go-forward business. Store closings are, after all, “rear-view mirror” events.
  • Guaranteed Results. Hilco has the capital to provide our retail clients guaranteed results backed by cash.